Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glorious day for some sun flare

I caught up with a beautiful family today, we said hi to a horse, we rolled in the grass and we got some great
pic's too. What more could a person ask for?  Rach, thanks for letting me hang out with you all, thanks for encouraging me, thanks for making the best brushetta and most importantly thanks for being the blessing that you are!

Miss C loved running up to preview the images.

 we got ourselves some sibling love here folks...

Don't forget these two, smokin'

Put them all together and you get one Beautiful family

Thanks again for a great afternoon. Next time lets bring that couch :)

  { Be happy }

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So I was wrong...

I believe that if you are wrong it is very important to admit so and in light of this I openly admit that I was wrong.
My headless snapshot (see below post) actually won an award...
Highly Commended "
So there you go, maybe the world is ready for headless portraits...

Be Silly,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funny Story

So my eldest son, H and I entered a photo each in the local show this year. H is in the junior section and I entered in the open portrait section. We were both happy with our images and I took them off to our lab to get them printed and matted. So Far so good. After a quick chat to the shop assistant regarding size and cost (where i mentioned to her the section's we were entering our images) I started to download the images to her computer.
That's when it happened. The moment you take stock and realize that one persons Mona Lisa is another person's preschool drawing. The moment when I was so grateful that I can have a laugh at myself and be happy with where I am as a photographer. The moment that i realized that my entry didn't stand a chance in this competition =)
My image (for the portrait section) was up on the store's computer screen when the assistant leaned over with a small gasp and said to me...

"Dear, do you realize that their heads are cut off ?'

What could I say. Their heads were cut off. I had framed the shot like that. I loved this shot. My clients had loved this shot. So with a grin I explained that this portrait image was as it should be and I thanked her for checking.    Moral to the story - God made us all unique and different. I'm so glad He did.

Be happy,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Finding the LIGHT

Well it is here - my new and improved blog page.
The world of logo design and blog page building is fraught with danger and despair - however in all this darkness I found a shining light, in the shape of 2 amazing sisters from Texas, USA.
Thanks to Rita and Heather for your wonderful, patient and talented abilities.
I can not recommend them highly enough. So if you are stumbling alone in the design darkness please click on their site for some instant sunshine.....

Be happy,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Look!

Welcome to my new blog!!!
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