Monday, January 31, 2011

Black and White (and red too)

Life can throw some serious curve balls, and it's not always black and white. The world is full of grey. Luckily the world is full of red too. Bright, bold, beautiful red. Red the colour of love, strength and confidence.  So it was quite appropriate that the D family chose to wear black, white and red to their session.  This is a family who are dealing with a big curve ball right now and they are using all the elements of the colour red to handle it....

that which binds us together

    and keeps us full of happiness and joy...

the ability to rise above the circumstances and shine

having full trust in each other, knowing that together you will be able to overcome anything,

knowing that there will always be someone to turn too, someone to swap clothes with, someone to fix your hair and someone to give you a hug when you most need one,

yep RED can sure help carry you through when life is full of black, white and grey and I think 2 of the best thing to help you through this journey we call life, is family and love.
The D family are a beautiful family who shine with love, along with laughter, joy, strenght and confidence.
It was an honour to spend time with them and I thank you for allowing me to share in your familes love....


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