Monday, August 16, 2010

My Gran

My dear Granny passed away the end of July and so we traveled up to the north Coast of NSW to say our farewells. i have so many wonderful memories of my Gran and for that i will be eternally grateful. She was quick to hug us but very slow to let us go.  happy to sew us new clothes and hand make us dolls (or rabbits, turtles and  the most famous Bears).  Always ready to have us at her home - even at times when it was already overflowing with the rest of the grandkids. gran would happily take us to the beach every day (even though she didn't really like the sand). She was a wizz at words - scrabble, crosswords, boggle and she taught us well.
I could go on and on really - but for now I think it is enough to say "Thanks Gran and I'll see you soon. Much love forever, Tracy Lacey xxx"

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