Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Sydney Town

When you think of old towns, Sydney really shouldn't enter your thoughts. After all she is only a wee 200 odd years young.  Athens, Jerusalem, Delhi, Syria - now these are old cities!  Still i love walking around our "young"
city and finding the history that she has to offer....

The Nurse's walk at the Rocks

The imposing bank entrance at Martin Plaza

the juxtaposition of sandstone and metal

the homeless sitting at the steps of Gods home

 and the thought of Captain Cook landing here only a few years ago with an exhausted crew and a bunch of  

how blessed we are to have this young, vibrant city. foraged from criminals sweat and tears. With enough history and soul to keep me happy....

“Every city is a living body.”
 St. Augustine, City of God

Be {a living body}

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