Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Chair

I'd been on the lookout for awhile. Not sure what it was that I wanted but was confident I would know it when I saw it. So naturally when I was 15mins into a 2 hour road trip with the 3 kids and my big sister and all our luggage in the car, I saw it!!!
It was sitting on the side of the road amongst a large pile of other items no longer loved or needed, ready for
the council pick up. What was I to do?  Would it fit in the car? only one way to find out.....
A quick u-turn and pulling into the driveway I could see the family sitting out the front of the house. Big breath, here go's..
"Hi I'm Tracy and I saw the chair on the curb there.  Would it be okay if I could have it?"
Well not only did they say "Yes" but then they insisted that I not take the one on the curb as it was a bit broke. "The one in the house is much better, you can have that instead"  So off he go's inside and brings out this.....

After much "oh no that's too good" & some"are you sure?" followed by a large amount of "thank you soooo very much"  we packed the chair into the car (yes I made it fit) and continued our drive north.
This is what I had being looking for. I am so glad that I turned around and went back. I am so glad the previous owners no longer wanted it. I am so glad I am so easily pleased! :)

Dressed up in Urban rock or dressed down in vintage chick, this chair retains it's regal like beauty.

May we all find what it is we are looking for in the everyday moments of our live's.

Be {on the lookout}

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